Friday, March 5, 2010

I Love my new Camera (all pictures taken this afternoon)

Meet brown boy bunny! His temporary quarters are in the greenhouse, since nights are chilly these days and he was in a more sheltered place at his last home than I have available for him outside. Isn't he CUTE?
Okay, so here's the thing. For years I have wished to own a camera that would take stunning closeups of my plants - and got a Lumix with a 12x zoom for Christmas! It takes fabulous close-ups of early catmint blossoms,
and honey bees on rosemary,
and grape hyacinths,
and even the dust on a lady bug's back!
I am so blessed to have such a camera!


Sharon said...

Fabulous photos, friend! (notice the use of "f" for poetic purposes!!! :-))

Karyn said...

That little guy makes me want to run out and buy a rabbit RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Oh my heavens! He is the cutest furball I've ever seen!

Perhaps he enjoys flying in suitcases? :-)

PS: Your flowers are beautiful!

Zona Wilson said...

Sharon, how alliterative of you! Karyn, I think you should definitely consider owning a bunny when the right time comes! Especially since bunny poo is absolute gold for plants. My white bunny has potty trained herself and uses a kitty litter box (I use all-natural litter so I can just spread the accumulation out as a mulch in the garden). I don't think I will trust brown bunny to "hold it" from Portland to see you in July, however!