Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Neighbor's Two Day Old Goat

Isn't she adorable?! Her mama wouldn't accept her, so Annie is feeding her by hand. She can't weight 5 pounds.
She doesn't like to stand on grass, so here she's sprinting onto the sidewalk!
She won't eat from the bottle unless Annie puts it between her legs like this.
(I do not have permission from Annie to put her picture on the blog. In fact, she said "No", but if anyone wants me to, I can email a couple pictures of her and the baby goat to you.)


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Send all the pictures our way. That baby goat is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! After Jamey sees that piece of cuteness, he's going to want one! :-) I wish we were there so we could visit Annie and share in the adventure.

Love, Karyn

Zona Wilson said...

I wish you were here too! I have never seen a baby goat up close, let alone be able to pet it and rub its little head - so fun!

GeekyTogether said...

In case this baby needs a new home... "puhlease" don't tell Jan! ;)

Laura said...

Those are adorable - and thanks for your random thoughts too! I was wondering where you were! :)