Monday, February 18, 2008

Green, as requested

Admittedly, this grass was uninvited to my front yard, and I won't be pleased it's there in about a month, but the green-ness is great now,
Baby miniature daffodils! I'm very excited!
Green vistas and old barns.


meggan said...

Well, we bought seeds last week! We are trying to figure out where to start them. We have a workspace in the garage now, but its cold in there. Our florescent light is still in it's box. We could just buy a warmer for under...we'll see. It was in the 40's yesterday, but cooler again today. But not cold. I feel very balmy when I go outside. I want to walk. It's a shame there are 4 feet of snow plowed up on the sidewalks.
It's actually starting to drizzle just a little as I type. I would love to smell your grass. Please email me your itinerary for Alaska. I have a plan for sleeping, and I think it will work well.

Katie said...

i love budding flowers!