Sunday, July 29, 2007

Outside at my house today

Eric was kind enough to request a picture of our shady hide away under the old growth big-leaf maple, so here you go. It was sort of overcast today, for a change, so you don't see the deep blue sky.

I don't know how to describe how peaceful it is to sit here in a nice fresh breeze and leave the world behind.

Here's my Annie-girl, the most camera shy dog I have ever seen, and my constant companion and defender when I am out-of doors, all 25 pounds of her.

Here's the view beyond the maple tree. I never get tired of looking this way.

We may have finally found a flower combination that can hold up to the intense heat in our window boxes. Verbena, bacopa, calibrachoa and alyssum. I like 'em, and they're still going strong at the end of July! Woo-hoo!

Okay, this is what greets me outside my bedroom door every morning. It starts my day off so happy! There are ten of these of different colors and styles, and I just love them.

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meggan said...

Dear Zona,
Thanks for the pictures. the views are familiar and I like the sitting area. that is one thing we are missing in our yard, a defined space for sitting. and anyway this summer, typical for summer in anchorage has been cool and wet. We were spoiled our first two summers back in alaska when it was almost hot and sunny for almost all of the summer. We haven't really been able to grow summer squash very well since the first summer when we had so much, that was great. Thanks again for the pictures, I miss seeing you, Todd, and the boys. Love you.