Friday, July 13, 2007

Ministry picture table decoration

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meggan said...

Dear Zona,
I think I am the first to comment on your blog, what an honor. thanks for the picture. I was reading through your posts and really wanted to see some pictures of your place especially of where your shady spot for the lawn chairs is. Today was beautiful. About seventy, sunny, soft wind, a perfect Anchorage day. I like the late evenings even better. I was out for a couple of hours tonight mowing an old lady neighbors lawn and ours and mulching between the garden beds. It looks like we will make enough compost this summer to cover everything and so that should help out with the sterile soil that we seem to have begun with this year. There are worms in the beds now which is good. We got our first vine ripened tomato this week, and we have lots of salad greens. anyway, I am glad you are blogging, keep it up, a post us some pictures. give my love to todd and the boys and I love you much. Bye