Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Small Whines

Over on my Facebook page I am very perky and thankful right now, so I can't whine there. However, here I make my own rules and suspect that few people will ever know I blog-whined, and there is a certain freedom in that.

My neck hurts. On the left side of my neck, behind my left ear it is swollen a bit and very tender to the touch. Now the tenderness/throbbing has grown to include the left side of my scalp and the front of my ear as well. I think it is a seriously subluxated top vertebra because the intensity can be affected by my sitting/standing position.

I have two tiny finger cuts, one of which hurts.

I have a low-grade fever.

For two days my tummy has hurt, like I have gas but the pain and bloating won't go away no matter how organic my yogurt or apple cidar vinegar, both of which usually keep my irritable innards behaving reasonably well. Blech. I think it's stress. This is a packed week. So is next week, and - well, until Christmas the pressure is on.

Sprained my ankle a bit yesterday while doing inspections.

(Are you catching the barely sentient vibe here?)

And to top things off, the frame on my frameless glasses broke. Yep. My expensive really hip glasses are super-glued together. Uh-huh. So Todd's wonderful solution may get me through until new glasses are available, but the lenses are slightly tipped, the prescription is changed, and my eyes hurt. Ache. Poor me.

And then I remember how small are my woes. Compared with so many, my selfish whine is pathetic. Still, I'm posting this because it is making me feel better just WHINING. And I think my fever may be gone. Hooray for large doses of Extra Strength Tylenol.


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Karyn said...

Oh Zona,
I feel whiny lately, too! And, like you, I acknowledge that my whines are so small compared to other people's whines. Still, I whine! Regardless, our feelings are valid and I'm sorry about your glasses, finger, tummy, etc.
Love, Karyn

Laura said...

I'm sorry Zona! I'm glad the Tylenol kicked in - a fever is enough to make anyone whiny!

Meggan said...

I love you and hope you feel better VERY SOON!