Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Buck on Hunting Season's First Day!

Todd had just told me that he had never gotten a buck on the first day of hunting season. A few minutes later he said, "There's a huge buck! Everyone stay back from the windows!" (In case you don't know, we live on 14 acres on top of a mountain - our own hunting grounds!) Of course, we all gathered at the windows to see what was going on! It was amazing - this large buck had about four does with him and he was just casually browsing right beside the driveway.
Todd harvested him in exactly the same spot as last year's buck, and Tyler helped skin and clean him out. Freezer meat!
Good eating this winter - way to go, Todd!!!


Karyn said...

Congratulations to Todd!

And...I'm very curious about something you mentioned on facebook. Based on how one cleans the meat determines the taste? Interesting. Is that true of all meat? (I'm not really a meat person and am not really up on the subject either.)

I showed Jamey the pictures, and now I'm doing my best to answer lots of questions about skinning deer. :-) He wants to know what you are going to do with the skin?

Off to make pancakes... Love, Karyn

Zona Wilson said...

Hi Karyn,

Todd stringently avoids cutting into any of the glands within the meat - I guess he knows where they are, and so all that wild musk doesn't touch and taint the meat. Frankly, I have never cared for wild game, but the bucks we have taken off our mountain taste wonderful.

You can tell Jamey that it would take a lot of money, or know-how and time we don't have, to tan the deer hide! So we will just take the hide along with the entrails into the woods and leave them for wild animals to eat.

Hope your pancakes (made with fresh flour!)were yummy!

Sharon said...

Wow, Zona! I'm way behind on your postings! Some beautiful photos from the beach (I guess it's called "coast" in Oregon?) and around your home. Congrats to Todd. Yeah, I wasn't a wild game lover, either. But then I married a hunter and learned to cook it properly! I don't miss it, though! ;-)