Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Now We Pray

From two directions this morning I have been reminded that we are to pray for our leaders. Priscilla reminded me of Romans 13. Our prayers are to be with President-Elect Obama, whether or not we want him to be our president. Our prayers must surely also be for the protection of the unwanted unborn. Randy Alcorn's blog references I Timothy 2:1-4 to remind us that prayer is always the answer. And God is still the Sovereign of the universe, and we can trust Him. Randy includes mny other Scriptures that are of comfort. So I'll pray. And watch.

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Meggan said...

Hello my dear Zona. I wanted to leave you a comment of a political nature that I had on my Facebook account in response to my choice to vote for Obama. There were 15 comments made by myself and others before this, so there are some other issues in here, but I wanted to share with you, if you care to hear, why I felt I could vote for Obama. I understand after reading Randy Alcorn's blog don't agree with my point of view and that's fine-I don't ask you to. But I do ask that you give me the benefit of a doubt that I made an informed decision when I cast my vote for him. [Umm, have you ever thought of having a facebook account-it could be addictive, but you could see another peek into our lives]

"Our family thinks pro-life is a way of living that includes pacifism, non-violence, no death penalty and for our family personally, no methods of birth control that could have the possibility for harming a fertilized egg. We are not asking anyone else to make the choices our family has made, but I still feel that someone as truly anti-abortion as I am can vote for Obama in very good conscience.
The bottom line is that our vote in the end means very little. The government is a machine that is so riddled with corruption, I have no faith in it. I may have voted for him, but to say I "support" him is perhaps not wholly true. I cannot control the government, but I have control over what our family does. I can make sure my everyday choices are supporting life to God's children of all ages, races and nations. I think these everyday choices, teaching our children to live justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God in all we do is going to go a lot farther in this world than my measly vote for Obama. And in the end I think that's what matters. Our lives matter-not one day in November. And I will look to my own choices to help end the silent holocaust, because I don't think government is going to do much. "
I would add to that God is so much bigger than our fear and ultimately my faith is in Him and never in the government of the nation we live in.

I love you Zona and haven't shared this with you to cause condemnation or to try and prove anyone wrong, but to share that I feel that I can still be pro-life and vote for Obama.
Now back to gardening blogs... {{{hug}}}