Monday, September 1, 2008

New Friend

I have a new - well, acquaintence might be a better term. She's about three inches long and buzzes when she flies. I first got really close to her last Friday when I was sitting at the computer. The window next to me was open, and I heard a quiet, low buzz. Cautiously I turned just my head, and then I saw her. Irridescent green back, sturdy little body, drinking quickly and deeply from the flowers in a window box exactly like this one.

Next day, she was back, again getting good nutrition from another similar window box.

This morning I was standing on the front porch, enjoying the freshness of the early fall breeze. From inside the house, Todd quietly said, "Look at the small waterfall." There she was, drinking her fill of the water (kept chemical-free just for visiting birds and resident koi, at the sacrifice of beautiful, sparkling, algae-free waterfalls). Then again, the low buzzing, but this time right beside me. She was suddenly drinking from the pink geranium on the front porch, not a foot from my side. After tasting every blossom, she zipped off to another window box, zipped back to make sure she covered each individual bloom, then off she went to another bed.

I really hope my little friend keeps coming back. Maybe I'll even get a picture of her, although my telephoto is puny and her size is petite. I notice she's keeping this place under her hat, not inviting any friends - yet!

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