Sunday, April 20, 2008

And then - I rewarded myself!

I took myself to the Portland Japanese Garden. What a reward - just what I needed, though it was quite odd for me to do something like this alone.
Even though the weather was not especially cooperative, eventually the sun came out.
Meanwhile, the tranquility and ordered beauty was amazing with snow as a backdrop.
Moss blankets the ground everywhere.
There weren't many straight lines! This is the Zigzag bridge over the large koi pond, fed by a small creek and a waterfall. Everything in the landscape is for a reason, and it was fascinating to catch the last guided tour of the day.
No cell phones are allowed to be turned on in the garden. No food or drink.
The serenity sank in. Tension washed out.
There are water features everywhere.
More pictures later, after Tyler finishes his time on World of Warcraft for the night.


Anonymous said...

Warning! See Please Here

Katie said...

Those are so pretty. Im gad you had some quiet time to yourself.