Thursday, March 13, 2008

Test Results

Have you seen Elizabethtown, with Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom? (Good movie, btw)There's a scene where she says to him, "You failed! You failed, you failed, you failed. You failed..." You get the idea. But I didn't lose a billion dollars for a shoe company. I just didn't pass the board exam! By one point. That's right, 165 questions, I failed by one point. Sigh. So I'll reschedule, pay another $119, pay another $70 for online practice test helps, and take it again. In light of the the murder this week of a lady from our church (a huge influence on the jr hi kids of this community) and the attempted murder of her husband, and the subsequent arrest of their son, failing a test just doesn't seem like that big a deal.


Katie said...

Yes, it is so exciting to plant seeds, except it is SO HARD for me to be patient. The seed packet said oregano sprouts in 7-14 days, and on day 15 or 16 I was about to give up, ad two sprouted!

Thus, I actually think planting them from seeds might be the best thing for my character. I hate waiting for things!

Katie said...

oh, and that situation sounds just aweful. My friend's mom was murdered when I was 13, and they suspect the husband but they never found out who did it. I will be praying for them and you.

meggan said...


Hugs to you-you know, that's still pretty good since you weren't even taking the test you studied for, if I understood correctly.

I loved talking to you today.

Laura said...

I'm really sorry about the test - how frustrating!

And terribly, terribly awful for your community. I can't even imagine. We'll be praying for you all.

Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Bummer about the one point. Way to have perspective, though.