Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O Christmas Tree (#2)

Okay, this tree is more like my usual tree, 6 feet tall, full and covered with treasures accumulated over the past 30 plus years. It's as much a treat to pull them out and see them again as to have them on the tree.
I learned something this year.
I will never again choose a blue spruce for my Christmas tree. It is very beautiful, symetrical and perfect for displaying ornaments. However, it is a wicked thing! The smell is unpleasant, an undesireable trait for a Christmas tree. And it seems to have sharp claws! Every time I hung an ornament on it, I said "ouch"! Poor Priscilla had to wear gloves just to place the strings of lights. And still got a cut on her knuckle! But it is pretty to look at from a distance.
Some dear friends of mine from college days of old (no, really old!) bought this beautiful satin Christmas swan for me when I was a penniless single mom visiting them in Chicago 20 years ago. I think of their love every year when I bring it out and I still enjoy its beauty.

Todd just called me on his cell phone from the greenhouse, where I haven't had time to visit for a while, and told me there's new growth everywhere and lots of things are blooming.
I have to take two 15 hour on-line classes this month, which is why the rest of my life is on hold.
The brunch was wonderful - pictures from Priscilla's camera posted here soon!

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