Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Reason our Destination is Bandon

It really was hard to drive away. But it will be there for the next time!

The Getaway Gang, part Deux

Shirley, who despises zigsaw puzzles but couldn't stop working on ours!
She was our very best sewer.
Marian, who bravely attended, sure it would be stressful,
but who relaxed and had a wonderful time.
Our dear Miss Millie, always the first to lead us in prayer,
always feisty and so much fun!
And Juanita, my puzzle comrade and the group story teller.
How I love these ladies.

The Gang, Part 1

Without Michelle, there wouldn't even be getaways! My dear friend.
Deanna, who made an amazing taco salad for dinner Friday night (along with doing so much more), and a co-planner with Michelle and me.
The Getaway Gang, before getting into the two cars and heading inland.
We had such a wonderful time.

The Boxes and the Notebooks

This is what we placed inside our boxes to help us remember the lessons.
Our other project was making a quilt square, open on three sides, for our box. It helps us remember the parts of the quilt and what they represent.
We each had a half-sized notebook in which to keep our studies. Jen from SFC's office helped make the covers with these awesome quilt patterns.
We each had a different quilt on our cover.

Arriving at the Getaway

After settling in and choosing beds, I sent the ladies off to the beach to find their favorite thing that God had created while I made final preparations for the first study.
These pictures were taken from the balcony of the beach house. The ocean was right there and so beautiful in the sunshine!
After their airing, I gave them each a box and they chose a paper quilt pattern to glue to the top. Then they painted the box to match, whatever colors made them happy. Millie chose light green!
Here are all seven boxes at the end of the weekend. Aren't they beautiful? And so creatively completed. These became our momento boxes to keep the items I gave out to remind us of our lessons.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Michael's Prom look, and a shot of M & T

Who else could make a white tux look this good?!
All three guys looked so great in their handsome tuxes. These are two of Michael's best friends, another Michael (on his right) and Adam. (It is hard to get Michael Wilson to show teeth in a picture!)
They had a wonderful time at prom. Lots of kids attended without dates, just going with friends.
I found this picture of the guys - love it!


I got several pictures of hummingbirds at the feeder outside the back door, our main entrance, where we frequently startle the birds and vice versa. This is the station we set up because of the territorial nature of these little guys. We figure if they can't feed at the front door, they can come to the back! Anyway, this is a Caliope hummingbird, less usual than the Rufous or Anna's, distinguishable by his small(er) size, dark emerald back, and amazing purple striped throat.
Here you can clearly see the purple feathers at his throat.
A rare peaceful coexistence shot. This was just before the Caliope chased the other one away!
I'm sorry that I can't tell you which type this fellow is - he (or she) looks positively pudgy compared to the Caliope!
I do not get used to hummingbirds.